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Our products

Intropak specialises in the manufacture of custom-made packaging. Bags or roll packaging are made to specific dimensions and weights, chosen by our customers and in accordance with their product requirements.

  • Linear low density polyethylene Of all types, all thicknesses and all colors, each with different properties. |clear - colour - laminated : offers good puncture resistance, is mainly used for food packaging;

  • Polypropylene | clear - metallised: ideal for micro-perforated packaging, excellent clarity for food presentation.

  • Nylon

  • Polyester


Our bags are custom-made according to the requirements and packaging conditions of our customers (automated packaging or not) they can meet the following criteria:

  • Bags delivered on spindles or in bulk;

  • Opening at the bottom of the bag or at the top;

  • Bottom or side gusset;

  • Sealing on the sides or in the bottom of the bag ;

  • Bags with snap closure and ziplock;

  • Bioplastic bags (compostable).

Pre-printed packaging

We manufacture packaging for printed and plain HFF and VFF type packaging machines that can be perforated in synchronization with the printings.

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