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Who Is Intropak / What Does It Manufacture?

Intropak is a manufacturing company specializing in flexible packaging for producers and processors working in the food industry, which need to package their products in an automated or non-automated way. Our packaging is custom-made and meets the requirements of current quality and safety standards.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to perpetuate the manufacturing and custom production of recyclable and quality packaging for the food sector while respecting the requirements and standards set for the field and by our customers.

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Our Policy

Our first priority is the commitment we have to our customers to provide excellence and expediency at every stage of the production and delivery processes.

IntroPak's success is also recognized due to the professionalism and teamwork of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

We constantly review our objectives and re-examine our goals to effectively meet and surpass the ever evolving requirements of our customers.

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