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Emballage flexible uni et imprimé

Plain and printed flexible packaging


Adequate packaging is not only a means of packaging, it is also a means of promoting the image of your product and your company.


Throughout the entire production process, IntroPak is committed to providing superior safe products, especially when food safety is a major concern. To achieve this, IntroPak has ISO22000:2005 certification and has implemented this control system to ensure every product we manufacture adheres to the strict food packaging guidelines required.

Customized Packaging

Packaging is made according to your specifications. All you need to do is to advise your wrapping requirements and our experienced staff, who with an average of more than 20 years experience, will be pleased to assist you.


Intropak was founded in the mid 50's under the name "Eastern Canada Packaging". Originally based in Richmond, Intropak moved in the 70's to Bromptonville on Laval Street where it operated for over 25 years. It was in the year 2000 that it decided to build a new plant and moved to Sherbrooke, in new buildings that met the requirements and standards governing the food industry.

In 1996, it was integrated into a large North American group of manufacturing companies producing various types of flexible packaging.


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IntroPak Inc.

155, rue des PME

Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada J1C 0R2

819 846-2742 / 1 800 465-1975

Fax: 819 846-4411


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